Drainage Solutions in Charleston, SC

Having a working drainage system is extremely important in the Charleston area. With the amount of rain, flooding, and inclement weather, many homeowner’s or property owners’ worst fear is flooding and the damage that follows. Making sure your yard is landscaped properly and includes a drainage system can ease your fears and protect your investment.

French Drains

Have you noticed pooled water somewhere in your yard, or worse, near your foundation? There are different types of drains that work for different scenarios, but French drains would be your best bet to help divert the pooled water to a location further away from your property. French drains are simple, yet effective: a trench is dug with a slope in the direction you want the water to flow. Then the trench is filled with stone and pipe is laid to help the water move.

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Other Services

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Mulch makes your garden beautiful - it controls weeds, retains moisture, prevents erosion, and much more. We'll determine & install the optimal mulch for your garden.
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Lawn Care
With over ten years of caring for lawns in the Charleston area, we understand the intricacies of the local plants that make your yard beautiful. Let's get started on your dream yard.